Thursday, December 15, 2011


The other weekend my best friend came into town to celebrate her birthday (see previous post). Her cousins drove her in and we all stayed at her aunts condo in North Beach. It was so magical!!! Sense we were going out, I told Reebs that Id do her make up and she'd look like a model. Her cousins found out and asked if I could do theirs too, OF COURSE I DID! Not to toot my own horn, but they all looked beautiful after. Each wanted something different, but I had a blast!

Here is my look for the night:

Its similar to this look, because I'm obsessed with outer space. It's just so mystical and wonderful!
Inglot 428 (navy blue) on the outer lid and crease
Sugarpill's Afterparty on center lid
Sugarpill's Goldilux on inner lid
Sugarpill's Dollipop above crease
Tokidoki Killer Candy to blend the blue and pink
Surgapill's Tako as highlight
Coastal Scents white gel eyeliner

For Reba, she wanted something classy but not tranny like me. Her eyes are just a wonderful shape that call for winged eyeliner. So I did a retro '60s look for her. 

Lookin like a babe hm??? 

Candice was more into the tranny look, but not as extreme as me, haha. So on her I did a purple smokey eye (this actually looks good on anyone). Similar to this.

And Kate is into the natural look. So I did minimal make up on her, and she was wearing red lips. I used my Urban Decay Naked pallet for her. No liquid eyeliner, but just smudged a pencil along her lashes. Similar to this look.

You wish you  had skin like hers, huh? Me too.

Here are her cousins! Aren't they beautiful!!??!?! I think it runs in the family....

And here's a nice one of me and Reba after we came home, we went to the roof to see the city at its finest.

Monday, November 28, 2011


SOOOO it's my best friends birthday today. AND SHES 21! so exciting right????

This is us about 2 years ago. we were in completely different places in life. I was going to school in Arizona and she was going to school in LA, but we both came back to the bay for thanksgiving and went to a Tiesto concert. this is after it. It is one of my favorite pictures of us. We both look so good!

We became friends in our last year of high school. our first venture we made pineapple upside down cake. on another one of our first ventures she went with me to get my first tattoo and then we went to a rave. and with that, were bonded for life!
She actually suggested I do a blog for my makeup.
Well, shes the love of my life and its her birthday today!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


sooooo I stole this from xsparkage a while ago. It was just too pretty to not copy!!
PS: Sorry I haven't posted all month. Something is going on in my personal life and I'm trying to keep up in school. I'll start to post sooner as things smooth out :)

Products used:
Sugarpill's Butter Cupcake on the inner lid
Sugarpill's Midori on the outer lid
Sugarpill's Absinthe in the middle of the lid
Urban Decay's Gunmetal in crease
Urban Decay's Creep in crease
Urban Decay's Virgin as highlights

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Over the weekend I went to a Halloween party. I didn't know what I was going to be until Thursday. When I was at the mall and happened to go into Hot Topic and found a UNICORN costume kit. soooo obviously I bought it. What type of make up is magical enough for a mythical creature as glorious as this?? this make up:

This was the make up I wore to school today. It's more tame than the one I did for the weekend. Scroll to the bottom for that look :)

Products used:
NYX white eyeshadow base
Sugarpill's Dollipop (pink, and on cheeks as well)
BH Cosmetics 88 matte pallete (orange)
Sugarpill's Butter Cupcake (yellow)
Sugarpill's Madori (green)
Sugarpill's Afterparty (Blue)
Sugarpill's Poison Plum (purple)
Urban Decay's Gunmetal (crease)
Sephora's Alpine (highlights. eye and cheek)

To make even better: ADD GLITTER.
I just put the appropriate glitter on top of each color. I wish this was okay for day time.

Glitter: a sampler from michael's craft store.
I used LA Splash to make the glitter stick

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clownin' around

So Im pretty sure that for one night of this Halloween weekend I'm going to be a clown. So tonight, I tried out the look to see how it would look on me and for me to get it right before I wear it out in public. A full face of make up is something you want to get just right before showing the world! So here's my look. Its almost a combo of a joker and a clown...

Sad Clown

Still sad clown

Geisha Clown!!

I tried this lip first then did the over-lined lips. I ended up liking the over-lined ones better because they just seem more 'clown' to me. For the actual night I'm going to put on some GIANT eyelashes. but because I really hate putting those on, I only do it when I really need to.

Products used:
face: Kryolan Aqua Color in white with Sugarpill's Tako over to set it.
Sugarpill's Bulletproof to contour cheek bones
Blue: Sugarpill's Starling (wet)
Gold (outline the blue): Sugarpill's Goldilux (wet)
Kat Von D liquid eye liner with some black glitter on top (Martha Stuarts 'Onyx') for eye brows too
lips: Milani Lip Flash in Hot Flash with Sugarpill's Love+ over
Rhinestones :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cotton Candy

Inspired by the fluffy bright bundle that is Cotton Candy. I don't really like to eat the stuff, but I do like how it looks. So, naturally,  I thought id wear it on my face. Isn't that your first thought too?? no????? Oh. well, in case you wanted to, here it is!

Products used:
Too Faced 'Boy Toy' on lid
Sugarpill's 'Decora' over Boy Toy
Sugarpill's 'Afterparty' in crease and blended up. I think I mixed in a little bit of a periwinkle color from Inglot (#388)
Sugarpill's 'Poison Plum' where the pink and blue meet to help the transition and a little extra in the outer crease
drag the blues and purple onto the lower lid
highlight with Sugarpill's 'Tako'
finish with eyeliner and mascara!

Into the night

I was strolling through a Sephora a long time ago and found the best things ever. nail stickers! That is not the official name for them, but its really what they are. They are like the Sally Hanson ones that everyone is wearing. but these ones are cooler and cheaper!! At $7 these babies are a steal! so stock up and never go to the salon again! This is my second time doing these. The first time I got a whole 7 days of wonderful wear out of them before I had to take them off for work. My nails are rather thin so color and polish doesn't stay for more than 2 or 3 days. but that was not the case with these! Im hooked.

I really should have had my best friend do them because shes amazing at nails, and I am not. Im happy if the color is on and I dont worry too much if it gets on my cuticle or anything. I still cannot stop staring at my nails tho!

Don't you want to touche them?

Products used:
Sephora collection Nail Bling in Gold Bubbles
for under color I mixed a clear polish with some Magpie from Sugarpill to create a lovely dark blue color

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sun and Moon

I did this make up for a date night, and when I finished I was reminded of the wonderful song by Above & Beyond called Sun and Moon. If anything could melt away worries, its these guys. They also host a weekly 2 hour podcast called Trance Around the World. I listen to it religiously. Well, anyways, this blog is about make up, not trance music haha. So here's my face!

Products used:
Gold is Sugarpill's Goldilux
dark blue (crease and outer lid) Inglot's number 428
Sugarpill's Afterparty on middle lid and upper crease
a dab of Sugarpill's Bulletproof in the very outer crease
swing some of that Inglot on down to your lower lid and throw in some pretty purple too!
for inner corner highlight I just used a very pale gold color. and on the brow I used a matte off white

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My make up desk

So I finally got my make up desk organized and easy to use!! I know, I moved like 345678 days ago. But I've been busy! And it was set up, but not in a way that was easy for me to use everyday. Things were just on it to get it out of the way. But I spent a good amount of time reorganizing it to my liking! Lets take a tour (because I'm really excited about it!) And maybe you might get some good ideas on how to organize your collection. I find it doesn't cost much and most of the things you can get in the office section of a store.

This desk was actually left in my room from the person who lived here before me. Good thing it actually turned out to be perfect! Most people do homework on their desk, I do make up!

Lets start!
For the majority of my make up I use a 3-drawer plasic thing I bought from CVS. I have made each drawer a different part of the face. I know this isn't the most organized way to go about it, and yes sometimes I really have to look for a product, but I like it.
I keep all of my eye liner pencils and my daily liquid liner in a pencil cup for easy grabbing and easy viewing
I use a letter organizer for pallets skinny enough to fit in, then I just pile the ones that wont on top of my drawers
I use mugs for my brushes, one for eye brushes and one for face brushes
I found this divided box when I was moving and found it perfect for my eyelashes and glitter! and it makes is sooo much easier to grab :) I forget I have things if i don't see them.
then I just have a cup of random samples and some hair ties and I actually use a shot glass to hold bobby pins (they fit perfectly!)
And under the desk I have two bigger drawers for special effects make up and things that I used for a costume of some sort. Its kind of a mumbo jumbo down there, but its all related somehow! (there is lots of ribbons, large craft glitter, butterflies for this look, latex, fake blood, among other things...)
I keep make up cases (for traveling and sleep overs) in the other leg of the desk (you can't see it) that has a shelf in it.

Under the little ledge of the desk is this:

I pulled the drawers out of a wooden set from Ikea that I had two of for some reason. One is for my nail polish, another is for nail tools, one is for all my Sugarpill loose eye shadows, and the big one is for my airbrush. 
So when I want something I can just slide it out like a drawer and keep it organized in its little box! I thought it was pretty cleaver.

*This was not to show off my collection of make up and how much I have (usually I'm a tad embarrassed at the amount) but rather to show how I organized it and what I use to keep things in order*

Cosmic Collision

I went to a music festival over the labor day weekend and I always love these because its always a opportunity to do some fantastic make up. I was inspired by a t-shirt that I got at another festival, Electric Daisy Carnival. The shirt has a lovely swirl of pinks, blues, purples, and some greens. I even wore it with my make up.

Products used:
Sugarpill's After part on the outer lid and in the crease
Tokidoki's Killer Candy on the center of the lid and above the crease
Sugarpill's Bulletproof  in the deep outer lid and deep cease to create some dimension on the eye
Urban Decay's Half Baked on the inner lid with Sugarpill's Goldilux on top to make it extra sparkly
Sugarpill's loose e/s in Lumi on inner corner highlight and brow highlight, blend into the top of the purple
light pink glitter on the lower lid and extended out. I bought mine from the craft store so there is no name. But I adheared it with LA splash splash proof sealer (which I love btw!!)

I even put three bows in my hair for the festival!! I made the middle one with hearts for valentine's day but it just seemed to go perfectly with my outfit!

Fire Breathing Dragons

I was determined to use my new pigment from Inglot. I started this look randomly and I kept adding to it until I came up with this final product.

I was in a rush to get off to work so I apologize for the quality of these photos.

Products used:
Inglot loose eye shadow/pigment 86
blend out with Urban Decay's Naked and Buck eye shadow
Sugarpill's Buletproof on outer lid and in crease
from the Tarte Jewlry box pallet, top layer bottom right corner green above crease
Urban Decay's Half Baked on inner upper cease
Tarte matte light color for highlight, from Jewelry box pallet, bottom layer upper left corner
drag the black and some green down onto the lower lash line too the complete the look.
finish with eyeliner and mascara!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Swimming Pools

So my new favorite "formula" for make up is easy and very pretty. It goes like this: Color on the lid (a bold one is best) + brown in the crease blended up + gun metal in the crease to meld the two together. I recently discovered putting a warm brown with a cold gun metal to heat it up a bit, and I'm hooked!! You just cant go wrong with it.
I've also decided that Goldilux and Darling from Sugarpill are my favorite colors. I cannot get enough of them!!!

AND!! before any one says it! I'm very aware of my eyebrows. I know I should clean them up. But Id rather not let that stop me from posting a pretty look. The world won't end if my eye brows aren't perfect.

Products used:
Sugarpill's Darling on lid
Sugarpill's Starling on outer lid
Urban Decay's Naked to blend out edges
Urban Decay's Darkhorse, Gunmetal, and a tiny of Creep in crease and dragged on to lower lid(I just dabbed my brush in each color) Throw in some extra gunmetal right into the crease too to deepen it
Urban Decay's Virgin as highlight
Sugarpill's Goldilux on inner lower lid

Even Better

Ive been playing with my new Inglot pallet, which I'm in love with. Possibly because I picked all the colors myself and think they're just wonderful. I love the idea of creating your own pallet, that way you don't end up with 20 blacks and 52 gold shades. Although I would never turn down a gold, you can see all of mine here (I had to resist getting one at Inglot).
I did this look one day for work, and thought, 'hm, It'd be so much better if I added some Dollipop'. So the next day I did just that!

Products used:
Inglot M388 e/s on lid (periwinkle blue)
Urban Decay's Naked e/s to blend out blue and pulled up almost to brow
Urban Decay's Buck e/s over naked, not as high (to create a faded out look)
Inglot Pearl 444 in crease (gun metal grey)
Urban Decay's Virgin e/s as highlight
Sugarpill's Goldilux on lower lid
Sugarpill's Dollipop lightly dusted above the gun metal grey on the outside

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sneak Peek!!

    FIRST!! hello new followers!!!! It was a lovely surprise to see all of you new ones and to be featured on the Sugarpill facebook page! I feel so honored!!
    I'm just too excited to share this with the internet world! So I'll post one picture as a teaser :) I went on a short vacation to visit my father in socal, or, southern California for all of you non Californians, and while I was there I went into an Inglot store. and I bought a 10 pallet of eye shadow and a trio of lip color and one beautiful pigment. the pigment is my favorite purchase, I just stare at it and swatch it over and over. So of course Ive been using my new pallet!! and I also did something rather fun, or crazy.... I dyed my hair purple! Ive been thinking about it and I've been looking for a dye strong enough to show with out me bleaching my hair. I love my natural color so I want to go back to it. I found the perfect color :)
and Ill quote my friend today "you look like the top of a cupcake!" yes Bryann, you are on my blog now. watch out for paparazzi now!

Pretty fun right? My mom is a fan and that always counts for something!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Blue Bird

On my way to work a few weeks back I saw a bird that looked brown and grey, but had a blue iridescence to it. I was inspired by this bird and had to create a look for it. I liked it so much that I wore it for about 3 days in a row. Yes, I repeat make up looks.

I am embarrassed to say that I did this look so long ago that I forgot what I even used on my eyes! I know I used the Urban Decay Naked pallet and I used Swimming Pool blue by Sephora. I guess I need to up load faster!!!