Sunday, October 31, 2010


For actual halloween, I had to work :( but that didnt stop me from wearing a costume!! I was a cupcake, and I thought it was perfect seeing how I work in a shop that sells deserts and whatnot! but obvi the best part was doing my make up!

pink eyebrows!!!

the colors and shimmer didnt translate too well with my camera :( 

this one is pretty close, though my whole face looks like its pink, its not.

My hair!!!! I made a cupcake to put in it :)

super high poof with a bun on top of my head

entire package!

Best thing ever: I was about to leave my job and this girl waiting for her drink goes "are you a cupcake?" I got so excited that someone just guessed it!!

battery exhausted

AH! on friday I was going to an event in San Francisco and I did really cool make up and hair for a fairy costume. I turned my camera on to document my glory, and right when I pressed power it goes "battery exhausted!". not cool! so Ill recreate it later to document.
But on the street I work on, there was a halloween fair, the day before halloween. I think thats rather odd seeing as the actual holiday is on a weekend. but! I grasped the chance to do some cool make up to be festive.  I was wearing a masquerade mask on my head that had blue and gold so I played with those colors some.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

no face?

Man, I have to say that it really sucks when some one rips part of your face off... Just kidding!!! I love halloween and was testing out my special effects skills again to make it look like some one ripped off a piece of my face. I think I'm getting better hm? not perfect, but getting there!!!

heres my sad face

ooo cool computer effects!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

too much color!!

well, I was trying to recreate a photo I found a while ago. I keep a whole folder of photos on my laptop for inspiration. but it didn't turn out exactly the same... and it got a tad muddy towards the end lol. but I love the liner!! this might be a new infatuation of mine, multiple liners. We'll see how this plays out in my everyday make up!


So I was just playing around with make up and glitter, and I came to this look. Maybe it could be used for a mermaid look for halloween? I could have used it last year when I was a mermaid for halloween, the litter mermaid actually. I absolutely adore this blue color from Sugarpill called 'after party'. The whole line is magical, really.  I had a lot of trouble with these lashes for some reason, and the white eyeliner was a little ticky, but I actually really like it, maybe one day I'll wear it out of my house haha!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who Owns My Heart?

I watched the new Miley Cyrus video, Ill admit it, I have nothing to be ashamed of. And her make up was a wonderful nod to the 60's with thick winged liner and just a little shading on the lids. and of course I tried to recreate her head scarf and tank top! Im not sure if i completely like this or not, I may do a second attempt, but so much better than homework :)

At the end here I added some pink lip stick, and I realized I should have done this before!! (its lady gaga from mac)

Monday, October 18, 2010

double wing and caramel apples

Sooo once again I wasn't too creative when it came to the colors I used for my make up today. But I decided to do a double wing with my eye liner. its always a nice way to make a very neutral look a little more special. tthheeennnn I lined my water line with a electric blue. its subtle, but stands out so much when the rest is pretty plain.

THEN after school today I went to my best friends house to make caramel apples!! but this was much more difficult that we anticipated.  Mainly because neither of us have cars, so we both take bus everywhere. I went to safeway to get the few supplies we need. I must had done 3 complete laps around the whole place before I gave up and went to CVS. only to come back and ask someone where I could find caramels, which, were right next to the apples I bought. I got the last bag too! Then once we started making the apples, we ran out of caramel. so I ran to the bus stop and went to a different safeway to get more. after running around the store to make sure I caught the next bus back I bought 3 more bags, just to be safe. We tried to be fancy and put chocolate on the apples too, but it looks like a little kid did it. they're delicious though! Its not as easy as it looks to make these suckers!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

gold and purple

So I wish i had my camera this morning! Pictures turn out so much better when taken in the natural light rather than with flash. but it's getting dark so early now! but i tried to take a picture that did my make up some justice! Im still getting in the habit of taking pictures in the morning and carrying my camera around.

When I woke up this morning, it was raining! Ive been waiting so long for it to rain so i can wear layers and tights and sport my jackets I haven't been able to! Because it was so cold out, I wanted my make up to be warm (ish). but just gold and brown looked to boring for today, so I punched it up with some purple around the edges!

Friday, October 15, 2010

color me happy

    So recently Ive been doing pretty neutral make up this week, mainly because ive been waking up late haha. But today (because Im wearing black and white today) I whipped out the color and went to town! I grabbed my sugarpill cold heart palette and some brushes. I kept it appropriate for day time by not packing on the color, but doing it with a light hand.

I did a blue in the crease, a champagne on the lid and a purple in the corner and under the eye. finished with eye liner, mascara, and some glitter!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

boA inspired

I was watching the "game" music video by BoA, and oh my jesus her make up was beautiful!! (props to the artist). She always tends to have cool videos but this one was more glamorous that her other ones. So, I googled the look to find a still photo and HAD to recreate it!!! then went a step further and added some purple to the edges and did some cool gold lips too :)

Here's BoA:

And here's me!:

night well spent! haha


So last week I got my package i ordered from ebay. i got some liquid latex and fake blood from mehron! just in time for halloween! so i tried it out the other day and did my first attempt at special effect make up; an open wound. i say it turned out pretty well for my first time! I'm hoping the bf will let me do one on him for halloween.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Soooo I got a little bored tonight and was watching some youtube videos. i started playing around with make up on my lips and came up with something cute. not an everyday look, but fun for parties and themed events or valentines day (i know, wrong time of year!)

I drew a heart with lip liner and then the rest of my lips with white eyeliner and put my foundation over with some eyeshadow to set. put hot pink shadow over the heart shape and some pink glitter to make it sparkle! then got in to model mode when taking this picture haha

OOoooo new!

 Hello! this is my first post here on my new blog! I created this so i have a place to share mainly things on make-up and fashion, some food in there too most likely. But i recently got really into make up and I'm trying to get better. Ill be posting daily looks as well as special occasions. My camera isnt the greatest tho, its a point and shoot. but im going to work with what i have!

this is the make up that i wore to work the other day. I love wearing purple on my eyes bc it makes them look a little more green and really helps them pop. i did a champagne on my inner half of my eye lid and a shimmery purple on the outer half. brought both those all the way up to the crease and did a gunmetal grey in my crease. finished with some more purple under my eye with the grey too, eye liner and some mascara