Friday, December 31, 2010

Peppermint Marshmallows

I found this recipe while cruzing my normal blogs. Ive always wanted to try home made marshmallows, and peppermint sounded divine!! I make peppermint bark almost every year, and this year I made tons to send off to family, and to bring some to my bfs house on Christmas to share with his family. But with this new marshmallow recipe, I had to try it! And I figured Ill bring some with my peppermint bark too. oh man was it a hit!!! I should have made two batches because it was gone very fast. and it was so easy to make. Ill be experimenting with different flavor marshmallows soon :)

To gift wrap: buy a pretty box at a craft store or drug store (I went to CVS) then have wax paper with a pretty tissue paper on the outside and create little pouches for the treats to sit in. so easy and looks pretty! 

Enchanted Glamourland

So this Glamourland palette I got for Christmas is pretty magical. I fell in love with the eyeshadow insurance long ago (actually got my love for makeup going), and I LOVE the lip gloss. but I haven't used much of the eye shadows. So I decided to use only this palette for my look.

Products used:
Too Faced Glamourland Palette: Glamazon (lid),  label whore (crease), In The Buff (brow highlight), Exclusive maroon (crease), Stiletto (Crease), Exclusive green (lower lid), Ooh & Aah (inner corner highlight)
Kat Von D liquid eye liner
Bare Escentuals mascara
Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk on lips

I usually dont post whole face looks, because I'm a little self conscious about my skin (its not the greatest). But why now? why do I look so fantastic?? no, I have not found the magic medication to make my skin perfect (Im still searching!!) but I was given an airbrush system for christmas! I dont own photoshop or anything, all make up! pretty amazing, hm? I was blown away by the results and I'm hooked.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday time!!

Get ready for a super long post!!!
So I've noticed that every time I do a holiday look, it ends up being gold and some other color. I only noticed this tonight, when my father was hosting a holiday dinner with some friends, I was doing my make up with gold and blue. but so far this holiday season, I've done gold and black, gold and green, and gold and blue all as holiday looks. but I must admit, it doesn't get much more festive than gold! and, I also realized how many different golds I own (maybe I'll do a comparison soon), however my favorites are Golidux from Sugarpill and Half Baked from Urban Decay.

products used:
Sephora's copper shimmer powder
Sugarpill's Bulletproof (black)
Virgin from Urban Decay (highlight)
Kat Von D liquid eye liner
Bare Escentuals mascara

I went to my boyfriends house to surprise him for when he got home from work, and when I got there a package had come for him from sephora (my xmas presant), it took soooo much will power to not open it right then!! but later that night he let me open it even though it wasnt xmas. I already knew what he got me because, well, I told him. But it was still so pretty to hold it in my hands!! the Tarte Jewelry Palette!!!! I just wish the colors came with names.

Products used:
gold: Honey Pot from Too Faced layered with Half Baked from Urban Decay
green crease: I most likely touched every green in the Tarte palette and a little bit of Madori from Sugarpill, then lightly added some matte black from the Tarte palette.
Glitter liner: Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Liner in Glam Rock
Kat Von D liquid eye liner
Bare Escentuals Mascara
Highlight: lightest matte color in the Tarte Palette (very top left corner)

My best friend really is the best. We were at sephora once and I pointed at the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette saying it was going to be my next buy. and low and behold she got it for me for xmas!!! (we exchanged gifts early) I couldn't stop staring at it the whole time I was over there. For everything you get in that palette its such a steal!! full size shadow insurance??? YES! I live for that stuff

Products used:
Gold: Half Baked from Urban Decay
Blue: from Tarte palette, shimmery level second row on the right, matte level bottom left corner
Black: Creep from Urban Decay's Naked palette (in crease and then pulled along lower lash line
Highlight: Tarte palette, top left corner from matte level (brow), top right corner of shimmer level (inner corner)
Kat Von D liquid eye liner
Bare Escentuals mascara

Saturday, December 18, 2010

where is the love?

So many times, we mindlessly fill in our brows with the same color everyday. We change the eye shadow for out eye lids everyday, why not out brows too? well, thats what I thought yesterday, my brows needed some excitement up there. and whats more exciting than purple? well, I guess a lot of things are, but my brows were excited!

products used (on brows, eye shadow look here)
Prestige (not sure if they still exist) eyeliner pencil in Magnetic
Hot Topic's purple eye shadow (no name)
Sugarpill's Poison Plum e/s

now for some random stuff :)

possibly the cutest shoes I have ever got at Forever 21! I had these bow shoe clips from Aldo for a while, but never wore them before this. some nice knock off of the YSL shoes

AND! while reading the December issue of InStyle, they had fantastic gift wrapping ideas inspired by runway looks. love it!!!! combine my love of fashion and wrapping gifts! weird love, i know, but I want a gift to be pretty

Trend: floral
I used this trend for the pink/purple gift by first using a white wrapping paper then using two peices of tulle to cover and gathered at the top, tied with purple ribbon and added a hair flower. perfect for women, this one is for my mom :)
This trend also inspired the all green and all gold gifts too. but instead of flowers I pilled on multiple bows and ribbons! fantastic! perfect for anyone!

Trend: feathers
SO CUTE right?? I bought feathers from CVS for like 60 cents, layed out a long piece of tape and stuck them all to it, tapped that to the box and then wrapped a wide and skinny ribbon around the bottom to hide the tape. perfect for men, this one is for my bf :)

Trend: edgy
more of an inspiration, but I wrapped the gift in gold then ripped a strip of green and wrapped it around, I bought a giant bow earlier at CVS so I used it. but if you want to be more edgy, use a zipper to tie a bow. perfect for teens or brothers, this is for my brother :)

TIP: try using different materials, instead of a ribbon I used a gold cord, or pile on multiple bows. making it a little more unusual (like feathers!) will make it stand out! another idea I saw is to put the initial of the person you are giving your gift to on simple wrapping with clean lines, use glitter letters for some sparkle

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hott and Dangerous

GAAAHHH!!! I love ke$ha, and my mouth actually hung open when I watched her "we are who we are" video. her make up is SO ON POINT. so of course I had to recreate it (wish I had her mirrored leo to wear too!), and in honor of Bryann who is about to come home from boston! wooo!!!

something fierce to start you off with:

and some more fierceness:

Products used:
liner for outlining wing: Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in zero
black: Bulletproof from Sugarpill
purple:  BH Cosmetics 88 matte pallete 4th from right and 2nd from bottom
purple and white glitter under my eyes, and sequins above my eyebrows stuck on with Ben Nye's aqua glitter
lips: light coat of Lady Gaga lipstick from mac

Finals and stuff

whew!!! this last week was finals week for me. so I was extra busy studying, and on the days I didn't have finals I was working. then on top of that I was trying to get some of my christmas shopping so it wouldn't be left until the last second. so I didn't have time to post anything. but that doesn't mean I didn't take pictures! and boy do I have a lot! I hope you're ready!!! because I am and I'm so glad it's break!!!

I got a sample of some eye shadows when I ordered from Sephora, and I have to say I have fallen in love with their 'swimming pool' blue! its so pretty!! When I was getting ready to go out with my friend I needed a little something to spice up my look. so I put 'swimming pool' in my inner corners. its the opposite of what is usually done, but I really like it!

gorgeous right???

whole face!! I couldn't get a cute picture, this is the best I got out of my mini shoot (my friend was outside)

Products used
over whole lid, up to brow:  California Blonde from Sephora
blue: Swimming pool from Sephora
lips: Aqua cream no. 7 from make up for ever

Monday, December 6, 2010

friends and family

We all love a sale!! this time its Urban Decay! One of my favorite brands, I'm partial to bright shimmery colors haha. and  because of my love for the naked palette (I use it everyday!! pick one up when you can!) so enter 1FFNF at check out and you get 20% off!! golden! though with power, comes restrictions. the code does not apply to the book of shadows, the naked palette, or the 24/7 liners in zero and bourbon (what we all want!). tricky little company! Ive got my eye on the De-Slick in a tube!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pour some sugar on me

Ive been wanting to try out my new sugarpill make up since I got it, and today seemed like the day!! (I brought a make up bag with me to my moms house so I had something to do.) All the colors I used today were Sugarpill, and I really liked how it turned out!

Products used:
yellow: Buttercupcake from Sugarpill
Black: Bulletproof from Sugarpill
Blue: Afterparty from Sugarpill
White: Tako from Sugarpill
glitter liner: Heavy metal glitter liner in Glam Rock from Urban Decay
Bare Escentuals volumizing mascara
Kat Von D liquid eye liner

More Puppies! (theyre just so cute!)

green and gold

Feeling festive yesterday (partially due to my new sweater, which is so yummy and cozy!) I did my make up using some beautiful gold and green. It turned out a little more smoky than I anticipated, and the gold got all over my face (vampire?) but its still cute! I couldn't get the gold fall out off my face, so I just called it holiday glow.

Products used:
Gold: Goldilux from Sugarpill (wet)
Crease colors: Liberty and LA Gun from Tokidoki Robbery pallete. Gunmetal from Naked pallete from Urban Decay
hightlights :Virgin from Naked pallet from Urban Decay.

watching the dogs

Today my mom asked me to keep our little doggies company because she was going to be gone for a good chunk of the day. What a great opportunity to do some blogging!
These two dogs make me laugh so much, they are half sisters and are so funny together! super fuzzy too!
 the one on top is Becca and the other is Daisy. They're corgis!

the other day I was wearing a pretty bland outfit and didn't feel like doing just brown makeup again. so I used my tokidoki and some Sugarpill to help me out!

Products used:
inner lid: Lion Pappa from Tokidoki
outer lid: Ercolino from Tokidoki
crease: Darkhourse from Urban Decay with a touch of Bulletto from Tokidoki
Blue: Afterparty from Sugarpill
highlight: Virgin from Urban Decay
Kat Von D liquid eye liner
Bare Escentuals mascara

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Smokey day look

I stole this look from MissCievous on youtube. so cute I had to copy!!!

Products used: (only one palette!)
Urban Decay's Naked Palette:
Darkhorse (outer lid)
Sin (inner lid)
Naked (blend out lid)
Virgin (highlight)

Kat Von D liquid liner and Bare Escentuals Volumizing mascara

Give me wings

Decided to do my makeup because I was leaving the house, I was just going to my bfs house, but we did end up going out to dinner (rubios!). I was just messing around and I think I like it!

Products used:
black: Bulletproof from Sugarpill
lid: California Blonde from Sephora
brow highlight: Virgin from Urban Decay's Naked palette
liner: Kat Von D liquid liner
Mascara: Bare Escentuals Volumizing

Sunday, November 28, 2010

SO excited!

Sooo possibly my favorite make up brand, Sugarpill, is having a sale this weekend!! ASDFIBHA S;OIGFH A;DSIF!!! besides it being a fantastic brand and really high quality, its local to me (also meaning I get my order only 2 DAYS after I order it!) The owner (Shrinkle aka Amy) didn't just slap a sticker on something, she really thought it out, picked ingredients and really oversaw the product development. bravo. I HIGHLY recommended this line. its reasonable too! $12 for a single shadow thats huge (4 grams!), $12 for a butt load of loose shadow (5 grams!), and $34 for a quad palette (I have cold heart <3).
I'm trying to collect the whole line because its just that fantastic, but I'm rather poor. Not poor poor, but where I budget things. Id love to be able to just buy everything! but I cant. This time around I got just 2 pressed eyeshadows in Buttercupcake (yellow) and Midori (green). I can't wait for them to come!!

To get some fantastic products for yourself, Shop here!
Enter 'pinkweekend' at check out for 20% off :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

After Party

After thanksgiving dinner, I went out to SF to dance off some of the food I just ate. I went to this club called Ruby Skye, its usually 21+ but sometimes on Thursdays its 18+ (aka last night). So me, my friend, and my boyfriend gave it a try. Turns out it wasn't as fun as we thought it was going to be, but at least my make up looked good!

Products used: (I used a lot)

Green on lid: BH Cosmetics 88 matte palette 3rd column from left, 3rd from bottom.
Blue on outer 1/4 of lid: Afterparty from Sugarpill
Liner used to cut crease (under): Urban decay 24/7 in oil slick
Black e/s over liner: Bulletproof from Sugarpill
Pink: BH Cosmetics 88 matte palette 5th column from right, 3rd from bottom
Grey in crease: Gunmetal from Urban Decay
Navy Blue over grey: second blue in Midnight eye palette from Hot Topic
Brow highlight/ inner corner: white in Midnight eye palette from Hot Topic
Blue on lower lid: Prestige eyeliner in Denim with the second blue in Midnight Palette over
Glitter liner: Urban Decays Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in Stagedive (turquoise) and Glam Rock (silver)

Kat Von D liquid eyeliner and Bare Escentuals volumizing mascara

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Out on the town

Woo!! I went out last night to go dancing. It seems like forever since I've gone out! I wasn't planning on it, but then on facebook (handy little website!) I saw that my friend was DJing in Berkeley, and it was only $8! So of course I went!! I was wearing neutral colors so I added color with my make up.

Products used:
green: Soya from Tokidoki Robbery palette
blue: Afterparty from Sugarpill
purple: Poison Plum from Sugarpill
pink: No. 75 from Makeup Forever
White (brow highlight): mix of Tako from Sugarpill and Candy Cane from Tokidoki Robbery Pallete
White (outer corner): Tako from Sugarpill
Liner: Kat Von D liquid liner
Mascara: Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing and Maybelline Falsies

Saturday, November 20, 2010

shout out!!!

hey! so Id like to do just a couple shout outs real quick to some people.

My best friend has a blog and she did a post about me to help get me more viewers. her blog is if you check in a lot, you may see me make some appearances!

annnddd someone I don't personally know, but she tweeted about my blog, and I really appreciate it! I feel so honored someone would mention me! so I'm returning the love! thanks girl!!!

and heres an inspiration picture for everyone lol (I have a folder on my laptop for when I need ideas)

*not me or my work*

If anyone finds a picture and would like me to try to recreate it or would just like to pass along the inspiration, please be my guest!