Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Swimming Pools

So my new favorite "formula" for make up is easy and very pretty. It goes like this: Color on the lid (a bold one is best) + brown in the crease blended up + gun metal in the crease to meld the two together. I recently discovered putting a warm brown with a cold gun metal to heat it up a bit, and I'm hooked!! You just cant go wrong with it.
I've also decided that Goldilux and Darling from Sugarpill are my favorite colors. I cannot get enough of them!!!

AND!! before any one says it! I'm very aware of my eyebrows. I know I should clean them up. But Id rather not let that stop me from posting a pretty look. The world won't end if my eye brows aren't perfect.

Products used:
Sugarpill's Darling on lid
Sugarpill's Starling on outer lid
Urban Decay's Naked to blend out edges
Urban Decay's Darkhorse, Gunmetal, and a tiny of Creep in crease and dragged on to lower lid(I just dabbed my brush in each color) Throw in some extra gunmetal right into the crease too to deepen it
Urban Decay's Virgin as highlight
Sugarpill's Goldilux on inner lower lid

Even Better

Ive been playing with my new Inglot pallet, which I'm in love with. Possibly because I picked all the colors myself and think they're just wonderful. I love the idea of creating your own pallet, that way you don't end up with 20 blacks and 52 gold shades. Although I would never turn down a gold, you can see all of mine here (I had to resist getting one at Inglot).
I did this look one day for work, and thought, 'hm, It'd be so much better if I added some Dollipop'. So the next day I did just that!

Products used:
Inglot M388 e/s on lid (periwinkle blue)
Urban Decay's Naked e/s to blend out blue and pulled up almost to brow
Urban Decay's Buck e/s over naked, not as high (to create a faded out look)
Inglot Pearl 444 in crease (gun metal grey)
Urban Decay's Virgin e/s as highlight
Sugarpill's Goldilux on lower lid
Sugarpill's Dollipop lightly dusted above the gun metal grey on the outside

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sneak Peek!!

    FIRST!! hello new followers!!!! It was a lovely surprise to see all of you new ones and to be featured on the Sugarpill facebook page! I feel so honored!!
    I'm just too excited to share this with the internet world! So I'll post one picture as a teaser :) I went on a short vacation to visit my father in socal, or, southern California for all of you non Californians, and while I was there I went into an Inglot store. and I bought a 10 pallet of eye shadow and a trio of lip color and one beautiful pigment. the pigment is my favorite purchase, I just stare at it and swatch it over and over. So of course Ive been using my new pallet!! and I also did something rather fun, or crazy.... I dyed my hair purple! Ive been thinking about it and I've been looking for a dye strong enough to show with out me bleaching my hair. I love my natural color so I want to go back to it. I found the perfect color :)
and Ill quote my friend today "you look like the top of a cupcake!" yes Bryann, you are on my blog now. watch out for paparazzi now!

Pretty fun right? My mom is a fan and that always counts for something!