Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

When did this become a health blog?? I'm not sure. Because Halloween is around the corner, and my favorite holiday, I will be posting make up looks soon!!
But the other day I got a couple of packages in the mail that made me very happy. I ordered the combat protein powder in vanilla and some more royal jelly vials. The size of my powder jug is nothing of a joking matter, its gigantic. I ordered the vanilla flavor because I figured I could do the most with that.
I love starting the day with a protein/nutrition shake of some sort. I usually do half scoop of powder and save the other half for after a work out. I made one this morning and it tasted  nothing short of a thick and creamy milkshake. Who knew health food could do that???!!? Along with protein, I pack in just about anything else that will fit to get my body off to a good start. Here is what I made this morning:

What's inside:
-1/2 scoop combat powder in vanilla
-1 scoop Green Superfood from AmaZing Grass (has all the nutrients from all the best plants. get the unflavored one and it will just tint your drink green, you wont be able to taste it)
-1 vial of Royal Jelly with Bee pollen (SOO many nutrients and really boosts your energy, I did a quick google search and found out it might be the best thing for you)
-1 tsp of Chia seeds (these are very trendy right now, they have fiber, omega, and protein in them)
-1/4 tsp cinnamon (just a little bit of this stuff can boost your metabolism by 20fold, yes please)
-mango chunks (to get a fruity flavor, and the orange pigment in the mango helps to fight off cancer causing cells, Dr Oz told me)
-Non-fat milk till 3/4 full (I use the magic bullet blender in the single serving cups)

This baby whips right up!! it turns into this thick dream of a shake and with the mango and cinnamon in there its just the best. I also added a couple strawberries in there to get a more fruity taste. MAN OH MAN. This packs one hell of a punch but its nothing you have to force down :)
To get a thinner shake, just use water instead of milk, it still tastes good and has less calories. I just like the filling aspect of using milk. (soy milk or almond milk would also be delicious with this)