Monday, August 15, 2011

Sneak Peek!!

    FIRST!! hello new followers!!!! It was a lovely surprise to see all of you new ones and to be featured on the Sugarpill facebook page! I feel so honored!!
    I'm just too excited to share this with the internet world! So I'll post one picture as a teaser :) I went on a short vacation to visit my father in socal, or, southern California for all of you non Californians, and while I was there I went into an Inglot store. and I bought a 10 pallet of eye shadow and a trio of lip color and one beautiful pigment. the pigment is my favorite purchase, I just stare at it and swatch it over and over. So of course Ive been using my new pallet!! and I also did something rather fun, or crazy.... I dyed my hair purple! Ive been thinking about it and I've been looking for a dye strong enough to show with out me bleaching my hair. I love my natural color so I want to go back to it. I found the perfect color :)
and Ill quote my friend today "you look like the top of a cupcake!" yes Bryann, you are on my blog now. watch out for paparazzi now!

Pretty fun right? My mom is a fan and that always counts for something!

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