Monday, October 17, 2011

Into the night

I was strolling through a Sephora a long time ago and found the best things ever. nail stickers! That is not the official name for them, but its really what they are. They are like the Sally Hanson ones that everyone is wearing. but these ones are cooler and cheaper!! At $7 these babies are a steal! so stock up and never go to the salon again! This is my second time doing these. The first time I got a whole 7 days of wonderful wear out of them before I had to take them off for work. My nails are rather thin so color and polish doesn't stay for more than 2 or 3 days. but that was not the case with these! Im hooked.

I really should have had my best friend do them because shes amazing at nails, and I am not. Im happy if the color is on and I dont worry too much if it gets on my cuticle or anything. I still cannot stop staring at my nails tho!

Don't you want to touche them?

Products used:
Sephora collection Nail Bling in Gold Bubbles
for under color I mixed a clear polish with some Magpie from Sugarpill to create a lovely dark blue color

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