Thursday, September 8, 2011

My make up desk

So I finally got my make up desk organized and easy to use!! I know, I moved like 345678 days ago. But I've been busy! And it was set up, but not in a way that was easy for me to use everyday. Things were just on it to get it out of the way. But I spent a good amount of time reorganizing it to my liking! Lets take a tour (because I'm really excited about it!) And maybe you might get some good ideas on how to organize your collection. I find it doesn't cost much and most of the things you can get in the office section of a store.

This desk was actually left in my room from the person who lived here before me. Good thing it actually turned out to be perfect! Most people do homework on their desk, I do make up!

Lets start!
For the majority of my make up I use a 3-drawer plasic thing I bought from CVS. I have made each drawer a different part of the face. I know this isn't the most organized way to go about it, and yes sometimes I really have to look for a product, but I like it.
I keep all of my eye liner pencils and my daily liquid liner in a pencil cup for easy grabbing and easy viewing
I use a letter organizer for pallets skinny enough to fit in, then I just pile the ones that wont on top of my drawers
I use mugs for my brushes, one for eye brushes and one for face brushes
I found this divided box when I was moving and found it perfect for my eyelashes and glitter! and it makes is sooo much easier to grab :) I forget I have things if i don't see them.
then I just have a cup of random samples and some hair ties and I actually use a shot glass to hold bobby pins (they fit perfectly!)
And under the desk I have two bigger drawers for special effects make up and things that I used for a costume of some sort. Its kind of a mumbo jumbo down there, but its all related somehow! (there is lots of ribbons, large craft glitter, butterflies for this look, latex, fake blood, among other things...)
I keep make up cases (for traveling and sleep overs) in the other leg of the desk (you can't see it) that has a shelf in it.

Under the little ledge of the desk is this:

I pulled the drawers out of a wooden set from Ikea that I had two of for some reason. One is for my nail polish, another is for nail tools, one is for all my Sugarpill loose eye shadows, and the big one is for my airbrush. 
So when I want something I can just slide it out like a drawer and keep it organized in its little box! I thought it was pretty cleaver.

*This was not to show off my collection of make up and how much I have (usually I'm a tad embarrassed at the amount) but rather to show how I organized it and what I use to keep things in order*

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