Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sugar Rush

Yesterday I was bored with boring make up so I did my make up a little brighter than normal. Sometimes life calls for some dramatic eyes. I love putting the Sugarpill Chromalust's over a black base, it makes them more of a jewel tone and oh-so-pretty! I think Ill be doing this look again!

Products used:
NYX jumbo pencil in Black Bean as base
Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in Starling (lid)
Sugarpill losse eyeshadow in Goldilux (crease and blended up)
Exclusive green from Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette (crease, where the blue and gold meet)
Sugarpill pressed shadow in Bulletproof (outer corner)
Too Faced e/s in In The Buff (highlight)
Dark Silver from Tarte's Jewelry Box palette (inner corner highlight)

You look just like Gaga!!

On Tuesday night I went to the Lady Gaga concert here in Oakland, and I am a devoted fan. I love Gaga, to say the least. Ive been working on an outfit for a while (it kind of fell apart at the convert tho) and Ive been planning my make up too. I did this look:

Pretty fierce right? I know! Unfortunately the people at Oracle arena did not let me bring in my camera although tons of people had theirs! but I looked just like her. However, this is a make up blog and I did snap some pics of my makeup for her concert. I just wish she was able to see it

Products used:
Kryolan Aqua color in white as mask base
square rhinestones attached with Duo eyelash glue
Bulletproof on lid
Purple exclusive in Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland palette 
Kat Von D liquid eyeliner
Ardelle lashes #105
I used tape to achieve a crisp cat eye line

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green like a Clover

It's march, and that means more greenery is showing up everywhere. I find that green is a tricky color to wear (for me at least) on both clothes and for make up. I love a good deep green (a forest or emerald), but I become lost once spring hits and the greens start brightening up into a kelly or neon green. I went to a St. Patrick's day parade in SF over the weekend and pulled out my only green tank (I wear it once or twice per year solely for this holiday, and yes it is neon) and attempted at green make up too. I'm not sure why I have such a hard time with bright greens, but I think I did okay this holiday :)

Here we are at bart waiting for a train to come and me being silly with the camera while we wait
Yes, I cut me some bangs and I did it for Gaga :) shes coming to town next week. 

My bestie is super good at her nails so while I did make up, she did her nails. I'm not sure what color green she wore, but I know that top coat is Techno from China Glaze (because I gave it to her)

Products used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurace
Goldilux from Sugapill (wet) on lid
Absinthe from Sugarpill in crease (lower)
Tipsy from Sugarpill in crease (blended up)
Darkhorse from Urban Decay in crease
Smog from Urban Decay
In The Buff from Too Faced for highlights
Kat Von D liquid eyeliner
Bare Escentuals Volumizing mascara

Techno Pop

I really do love the "Electro Pop" look I did, so much so that I recreated it in a toned down version that is appropriate for day time (techno is more mellow than electro). I got LOADS of compliments on my eyes that day and I completely understand why, it came out wonderful! It still has that fairy/magical look, but a lot less costume.
I also have a new semi-obsession when doing my make up. I've been putting Goldilux on my lower lids and winging it out. It adds a lovely gold pop and can brighten up any eye!

Products used:
Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
Aspen Summit from Sephora
Tako from Sugarpill
Ciao Ciao from Tokidoki
Dollipop from Sugarpill
Purple baked eyeshadow from Hot Topic
Afterparty from Sugarpill
Goldilux from Sugarpill
Kat Von D liquid eyeliner
Bare Escentuals Volumizing mascara
NYX jumbo eye pencil in black bean

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I visit this website on the daily to see what kind of sales are going on that day. It's called HauteLook. Its a members only website that allows you to buy designer things on super sale! (Usually around 50% off!) It can take some time to become a member with out a code so heres mine so you can become one today!!

The sales only last for a few days so check in offten! they have really good brands that roll through and even travel deals!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Electro Pop!!

Last May I went to an event in SF called ETD POP and did this make up for it. I didn't have a blog then, so I recreated it tonight! It is one of my favorite looks for events because it looks so magical, but is actually quite easy compared to the outcome! and a fabulous way to make any look look better is buy gluing stuff to your face! you know, sequins, stars, rhinestones, etc.

Products used:
Base: Kryolan aqua color in white
Aspen Summit from Sephora (white shimmer)
Tako from Sugarpill (matte white)
Ciao Ciao from Tokidoki (iridescent pink)
Dollipop from Sugarpill (bright pink)
Purple baked shadow from Hot Topic
Afterparty from Sugarpill
Glitter liner from Urban Decay in Glam Rock
Kat Von D liquid eyeliner

1) put the white base all over lid and lower lid too, once dry-ish blend out edges
2) using Aspen Summit and a big brush apply all over lids and take back to hairline, over the bridge of your nose, and around eye socket (creating a shimmery mask)
3) go over same areas with Tako to make white brighter
4) dust Ciao Ciao all over eye area (socket)
5) brush Dollipop all over lid and above crease (not above brow though, each color your going to do a smaller circle so they fade easily)
6) brush the purple all over lids and in the crease, a little above too
7) apply Afterparty to lids
8) Sweep glitter liner along lower lash line and apply liquid liner and mascara
9) using a lash glue, glue sequins and rhinestones to your face to add extra sparkle!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beyond Wonderland

So my friend is going to this massive rave in Southern California called Beyond Wonderland (I wish I could go, but I'm just super jealous) and asked if I could help her with her make up. So I created this look for her, but her outfit changed. I still liked the look so I'm posting it anyways! Maybe it will still work for her... we'll see!!

Products used:
Make Up For Ever silver eyeliner
Hysteric from Sugarpill
Bulletproof from Sugarpill
Tiara from Sugarpill
silver holographic glitter from Coastal Scents

Steps: (sorry if they're not very good, a reason why I usually don't include them)
1. using the silver eyeliner, draw the winged shape on your lid
2. Smug Hysteric (purple) along the outer edge of the liner making a pretty thick line and blend out edges, lower lid too!
3. Smug Bulletproof (mate black) right along the liner and blend out, so the inner rim fades to black creating a border, along lower lash line too
4. take Tiara wet (loose silver shadow) and fill in the area you drew with the eyeliner.
5. smug a little more Bulletproof along the line where Tiara and Bulletproof meet to make it a little less harsh
6. use what ever adhesive you have (LA Splash makes a great one, but I use a glitter liner) and stick the glitter where the silver is and completely cover it. the silver is back there so if you miss a spot you won't really be able to see it.
7. Line your lash lines and glue on some fantastic eyelashes!!

So Much Sugarpill!!!

So this year after I filled my taxes, I decided to do a great thing with the money I got back; buy the rest of the line of Sugarpill Cosmetics. And I must say, it was such a good choice! My make up for day to day looks are getting a whole lot more colorful! (the only 'neutral' colors she makes is black and white). I was so excited that I asked my brother to text me when it came to the house, and when that day came it was like opening a treasure box!! I got 16 loose eyeshadows (I already owned Goldilux) and 2 pressed shadows. I just stared for a while after I opened the box.
If you down own anything from her, I recommend one of the palettes (I own Cold Heart, but if you buy the other 2 you get basically every color of pressed shadow) and a few loose shadows to play with (I would buy goldilux first all over again, magical color)

Heres some of my looks from the past couple of days :)

Products used:
    Magpie (outer and middle lid)
    Tako (inner lid)
    Lumi (over Magpie in the middle)
    Goldilux (lower lid)
    Bulletproof (a tiny bit on the very outer lid)

Products used:
Absinthe from Sugarpill (lid)
Tipsy from Sugarpill (outer corner of lid)
Goldilux from Sugarpill (inner corner)
Hysteric from Sugarpill (lower lid)
Creep, Darkhorse, and Smog from Urban Decay (crease)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

orange and teal

So I haven't been feeling the blogging recently but I still took photos of a couple of my looks. I love how both turned out :)

Products used:
crease: eyeshadow from hot topic in purple (put this on first so it pokes out from behind everything)
lid: Side car from Urban Decay
Crease: Darkhorse and Smog from Urban Decay
lower lid: smog from Urban Decay
highlight: Virgin from Urban Decay
a touch of Goldilux from Sugarpill to the center of the lid

One morning (while running a little lat) I was just going to do basic make up,  but then inspiration hit me and I ended up doing bright make up and it made me a little more late. oh well! some times beauty calls!!

Products used:
Base: prestige eyeliner in Kiwi (a green eyeliner, I think the brand is discontinued)
lid: Mac Pigment in Teal
Crease (orange): Ercolino from Tokidoki. do not blend into teal, just place next to it and blend up towards the brow
Crease: Darkhorse and a touch of Smog from Urban Decay. put in between Teal and Ercolino to make transition easier
highlight: Im actually not sure what I used, but I think it was a matte pale color from the Jewelry Box palette from Tarte
Lower lid: Smog from Urban Decay