Sunday, January 2, 2011

Melt their hearts

I was feeling rather retro today, and one of the looks in Scott Barnes' book "About Face" was right on the money 50's style. If you get a chance, I recommend picking up this book. He has a unique way of transforming women of all ages and skin tones to make them glow and really look their best by bringing out features in ways you would never think of. I read this whole book on a slow day at work lol.

This is the part where I'd tell you what products I used, but most of the colors had no names and it's alot of work describing where they are. So this time, I'm going to describe the colors to use and where to use them.

I started with the crease this time, placing it above my natural crease to create more space on my lid. I used a combination of browns and a touch of gunmetal and a tiny bit of black to emphasize the cut crease. I used a fluffy brush to blend out the top only, then placed a matte super light tan (not quite white) below the brow to highlight. For the lid I combined two shimmery shadows, both super light. one with a yellow tint, and one with a pink tint. Draw on some dramatic eyeliner with a wing, add mascara on top and bottom lashes and done! no shadow on lower lid.

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