Friday, February 18, 2011

Rainy Day

So after a month of beautiful weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area, it has suddenly gotten stormy and rainy. So I'm staying in doors and cleaning my house up some and doing some crafts. perfect rainy day activities!

I've held on to a pair of paten black pumps I got from Target for a few years now because I want to customize them. My idea was to put crystals all up and down the heels. But that would take possibly forever (though they would turn out breath taking if you have the time) So I took a short cut and covered the heels in glitter and put anything silver on the heels to make them extra shimmery. I used a silver holographic cosmetic glitter (because it's what I had) and I love how they turned out!!

Shoes you want to sacrifice
a strong glue (I used a jeweling glue from Michaels)
Sequins, rhinestones, mirrors... anything really
I finished with a top coat of glitter nail polish to keep all the glitter on the shoe.
Tweezers (for picking up rhinestones) I bought these from Forever 21 but the suck as eyebrow tweezers, so now they're  my bedazzling tweezers! I think they're perfect!

Show casing:
I like to hang some of my pretty pieces of clothing out so I can see them, and they also double as art or decorations! I found this dress in a vintage store years ago and I fell in love with it. I went back the day after to buy it. I was going to hem it so it'd be more wearable, but I can never bring my self to do it, because it's rather stunning on. So I keep it for the occasion and hang it where I can see it so it can bring me inspiration and some spring to this stormy weather!

I have a lot of bags and purses, and no matter how hard I try the never stay organized if I stack them or line them on a shelf. So I bought a hat rack from Ikea and hang my purses and bags on there! Ill admit that they get a little tangled sometimes, but I love how it looks like a tree :)

My necklaces are behind there too. My mom (quite a crafty lady really) took the glass out of a picture frame and put a chicken wire in its place. I spray painted it gold to make it pretty. We bought little 'S' hooks and use those to hang necklaces all over. I used to have it hanging on my wall (attach 2 hooks to the top and use a pretty ribbon to hang), but now it sits on a shelf.  my necklaces never get tangled!

Simple look from Teen Vogue

I'm not sure why I receive Teen Vogue in the mail every month, actually, I get two... I never signed up for it. But oh well! It always takes about 30 min to read through those little magazines so they're nice. This month was the issue focusing on prom, as prom is comming for many high school students. However, Teen Vogue tends to take it a little too trendy and way to casual for modern day prom. I liked the ideas for a dressier occasion (like dinner), but not the most classic and fancy event of a teenagers life. That night calls for something elegant and timeless. But this year, I was pleased with the looks for prom Teen Vogue presented (a few I hated though). A good amount of the looks I could acutally see at a prom. But the thing that caught my eye was not a dress, but a models make up. Very simple yet so striking.

Products used:
Hot Topic Baked eyeshadow in Purple mixed with Tokidoki Ninja Dog (Robbery Palette)
a nude matte color to blend out edges (I used one from Tarte's Jewelry Box Palette, Matte level top row middle right)
a champagne gold color for the highlight (I used California Blonde from Sephora)
and Mascara, no eyeliner.

With all my opinions about prom you might be wondering what I wore to my prom in high school. I didn't want to be in something someone else might have, so I designed it myself! I put together two patterns and my mom helped me make it. 
Me and my date


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vday take 2

Sorry about the delay. My weekend was much busier than I expected and I was beyond tired on friday night, so I just went to bed when I got home. But here is another VDay look. Yes it is after the holiday, but I know not everyone celebrates on the actual day (like me! going to dinner this coming sunday to celebrate). I was thinking about what kind of make up you would wear on Valentines day, and I figured it wouldn't necessarily be pink or red, but I always imagine a nice smoky look. But to amp that up a little bit I glued some fake rose petals to my face :)

for just the make up look:
Creep and Darkhorse from Urban Decay on outter 2/3 and Sidecar on inner 1/3
Blend out with Naked and use Virgin as highlights

I think this look would be divine with some deep red lipstick (if your not afraid of lip color)

And it's never too late to show your love to someone. I whipped up these valentine cookies just in time before my Boyfriend came over on monday (had to do something!) super delicious and oh so easy!


aaannnddd my best friend apparently took some pictures on my camera when I wasn't looking. So I'm going to show them to you :) I think she'll appreciate this

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ok!! now is the time! the contest for Sugarpill has closed at its time to vote for the look you like best (hopefully mine!!) please vote for me!!! heres the lovely link!!! You can vote once a day. Winner announced on the 13th, hurry up and vote!!

PS I'm trying SO hard to get a wearable valentines look up by this weened! hang tight lovelies!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentines day

Soooo this is not your date night make up. To celebrate Valentines day and the surrounding days I usually attend an event in SF called ETD love (if your going too look for me!!). So in the spirit of love, and with some nice inspiration from Kerli's video "Army of love" (fantastic make up in this!) I created a look fit for a grand night out! and of course a large amount of glitter is used :)
I will add fake eyelashes for the actual event, some with glitter of course!
I also entered this in Sugarpill and Kerli's contest "Army of love war paint". please vote for me!! You can vote by adding Sugarpill on Facebook and clicking on the contest tab, click the 'click to enter' button and then click 'view entries' and find me! this is the first contest I have entered in, so cross your fingers and send out good vibes!!

I added a little bit of black around the heart to see if it would help it pop more and balance with the other side better, not sure how I feel about it...

Products used:
NYX white eyeliner pencil to outline heart shape
Kryolan Aqua color in white to fill in heart
Make Up For Ever eye shadow in no. 75, hot pink. go a little past the edges and blend
Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter liner in Catfight as a base for the glitter
Martha Stewart fine craft glitter in Bubble Gum
Kat Von D liquid eye liner and Falsies mascara from Maybelline
Other eye:
Make Up For Ever eye shadow in no. 75 hot pink. all over lid sweeping up to hairline and blended along hairline across forehead down until cheek bones
Sugarpill Bulletproof on lid and blended up towards hairline.
Tokidoki Ciao Ciao over Bulletproof
and more Bulletproof in to the crease
Silver glitter liner under the eye
Kat Von D liquid eyeliner and Falsies Mascara from Maybelline
Sequins glued on with Duo lash glue
Lady Gaga lipstick from mac mixed with Make Up For Ever Aqua cream no. 7 hot pink