Tuesday, March 1, 2011

orange and teal

So I haven't been feeling the blogging recently but I still took photos of a couple of my looks. I love how both turned out :)

Products used:
crease: eyeshadow from hot topic in purple (put this on first so it pokes out from behind everything)
lid: Side car from Urban Decay
Crease: Darkhorse and Smog from Urban Decay
lower lid: smog from Urban Decay
highlight: Virgin from Urban Decay
a touch of Goldilux from Sugarpill to the center of the lid

One morning (while running a little lat) I was just going to do basic make up,  but then inspiration hit me and I ended up doing bright make up and it made me a little more late. oh well! some times beauty calls!!

Products used:
Base: prestige eyeliner in Kiwi (a green eyeliner, I think the brand is discontinued)
lid: Mac Pigment in Teal
Crease (orange): Ercolino from Tokidoki. do not blend into teal, just place next to it and blend up towards the brow
Crease: Darkhorse and a touch of Smog from Urban Decay. put in between Teal and Ercolino to make transition easier
highlight: Im actually not sure what I used, but I think it was a matte pale color from the Jewelry Box palette from Tarte
Lower lid: Smog from Urban Decay

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