Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So Much Sugarpill!!!

So this year after I filled my taxes, I decided to do a great thing with the money I got back; buy the rest of the line of Sugarpill Cosmetics. And I must say, it was such a good choice! My make up for day to day looks are getting a whole lot more colorful! (the only 'neutral' colors she makes is black and white). I was so excited that I asked my brother to text me when it came to the house, and when that day came it was like opening a treasure box!! I got 16 loose eyeshadows (I already owned Goldilux) and 2 pressed shadows. I just stared for a while after I opened the box.
If you down own anything from her, I recommend one of the palettes (I own Cold Heart, but if you buy the other 2 you get basically every color of pressed shadow) and a few loose shadows to play with (I would buy goldilux first all over again, magical color)

Heres some of my looks from the past couple of days :)

Products used:
    Magpie (outer and middle lid)
    Tako (inner lid)
    Lumi (over Magpie in the middle)
    Goldilux (lower lid)
    Bulletproof (a tiny bit on the very outer lid)

Products used:
Absinthe from Sugarpill (lid)
Tipsy from Sugarpill (outer corner of lid)
Goldilux from Sugarpill (inner corner)
Hysteric from Sugarpill (lower lid)
Creep, Darkhorse, and Smog from Urban Decay (crease)

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