Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beyond Wonderland

So my friend is going to this massive rave in Southern California called Beyond Wonderland (I wish I could go, but I'm just super jealous) and asked if I could help her with her make up. So I created this look for her, but her outfit changed. I still liked the look so I'm posting it anyways! Maybe it will still work for her... we'll see!!

Products used:
Make Up For Ever silver eyeliner
Hysteric from Sugarpill
Bulletproof from Sugarpill
Tiara from Sugarpill
silver holographic glitter from Coastal Scents

Steps: (sorry if they're not very good, a reason why I usually don't include them)
1. using the silver eyeliner, draw the winged shape on your lid
2. Smug Hysteric (purple) along the outer edge of the liner making a pretty thick line and blend out edges, lower lid too!
3. Smug Bulletproof (mate black) right along the liner and blend out, so the inner rim fades to black creating a border, along lower lash line too
4. take Tiara wet (loose silver shadow) and fill in the area you drew with the eyeliner.
5. smug a little more Bulletproof along the line where Tiara and Bulletproof meet to make it a little less harsh
6. use what ever adhesive you have (LA Splash makes a great one, but I use a glitter liner) and stick the glitter where the silver is and completely cover it. the silver is back there so if you miss a spot you won't really be able to see it.
7. Line your lash lines and glue on some fantastic eyelashes!!

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  1. I love makeup with enough brilliance ... It was amazing!