Saturday, December 4, 2010

watching the dogs

Today my mom asked me to keep our little doggies company because she was going to be gone for a good chunk of the day. What a great opportunity to do some blogging!
These two dogs make me laugh so much, they are half sisters and are so funny together! super fuzzy too!
 the one on top is Becca and the other is Daisy. They're corgis!

the other day I was wearing a pretty bland outfit and didn't feel like doing just brown makeup again. so I used my tokidoki and some Sugarpill to help me out!

Products used:
inner lid: Lion Pappa from Tokidoki
outer lid: Ercolino from Tokidoki
crease: Darkhourse from Urban Decay with a touch of Bulletto from Tokidoki
Blue: Afterparty from Sugarpill
highlight: Virgin from Urban Decay
Kat Von D liquid eye liner
Bare Escentuals mascara

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