Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday time!!

Get ready for a super long post!!!
So I've noticed that every time I do a holiday look, it ends up being gold and some other color. I only noticed this tonight, when my father was hosting a holiday dinner with some friends, I was doing my make up with gold and blue. but so far this holiday season, I've done gold and black, gold and green, and gold and blue all as holiday looks. but I must admit, it doesn't get much more festive than gold! and, I also realized how many different golds I own (maybe I'll do a comparison soon), however my favorites are Golidux from Sugarpill and Half Baked from Urban Decay.

products used:
Sephora's copper shimmer powder
Sugarpill's Bulletproof (black)
Virgin from Urban Decay (highlight)
Kat Von D liquid eye liner
Bare Escentuals mascara

I went to my boyfriends house to surprise him for when he got home from work, and when I got there a package had come for him from sephora (my xmas presant), it took soooo much will power to not open it right then!! but later that night he let me open it even though it wasnt xmas. I already knew what he got me because, well, I told him. But it was still so pretty to hold it in my hands!! the Tarte Jewelry Palette!!!! I just wish the colors came with names.

Products used:
gold: Honey Pot from Too Faced layered with Half Baked from Urban Decay
green crease: I most likely touched every green in the Tarte palette and a little bit of Madori from Sugarpill, then lightly added some matte black from the Tarte palette.
Glitter liner: Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Liner in Glam Rock
Kat Von D liquid eye liner
Bare Escentuals Mascara
Highlight: lightest matte color in the Tarte Palette (very top left corner)

My best friend really is the best. We were at sephora once and I pointed at the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette saying it was going to be my next buy. and low and behold she got it for me for xmas!!! (we exchanged gifts early) I couldn't stop staring at it the whole time I was over there. For everything you get in that palette its such a steal!! full size shadow insurance??? YES! I live for that stuff

Products used:
Gold: Half Baked from Urban Decay
Blue: from Tarte palette, shimmery level second row on the right, matte level bottom left corner
Black: Creep from Urban Decay's Naked palette (in crease and then pulled along lower lash line
Highlight: Tarte palette, top left corner from matte level (brow), top right corner of shimmer level (inner corner)
Kat Von D liquid eye liner
Bare Escentuals mascara

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