Sunday, November 28, 2010

SO excited!

Sooo possibly my favorite make up brand, Sugarpill, is having a sale this weekend!! ASDFIBHA S;OIGFH A;DSIF!!! besides it being a fantastic brand and really high quality, its local to me (also meaning I get my order only 2 DAYS after I order it!) The owner (Shrinkle aka Amy) didn't just slap a sticker on something, she really thought it out, picked ingredients and really oversaw the product development. bravo. I HIGHLY recommended this line. its reasonable too! $12 for a single shadow thats huge (4 grams!), $12 for a butt load of loose shadow (5 grams!), and $34 for a quad palette (I have cold heart <3).
I'm trying to collect the whole line because its just that fantastic, but I'm rather poor. Not poor poor, but where I budget things. Id love to be able to just buy everything! but I cant. This time around I got just 2 pressed eyeshadows in Buttercupcake (yellow) and Midori (green). I can't wait for them to come!!

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