Saturday, December 18, 2010

where is the love?

So many times, we mindlessly fill in our brows with the same color everyday. We change the eye shadow for out eye lids everyday, why not out brows too? well, thats what I thought yesterday, my brows needed some excitement up there. and whats more exciting than purple? well, I guess a lot of things are, but my brows were excited!

products used (on brows, eye shadow look here)
Prestige (not sure if they still exist) eyeliner pencil in Magnetic
Hot Topic's purple eye shadow (no name)
Sugarpill's Poison Plum e/s

now for some random stuff :)

possibly the cutest shoes I have ever got at Forever 21! I had these bow shoe clips from Aldo for a while, but never wore them before this. some nice knock off of the YSL shoes

AND! while reading the December issue of InStyle, they had fantastic gift wrapping ideas inspired by runway looks. love it!!!! combine my love of fashion and wrapping gifts! weird love, i know, but I want a gift to be pretty

Trend: floral
I used this trend for the pink/purple gift by first using a white wrapping paper then using two peices of tulle to cover and gathered at the top, tied with purple ribbon and added a hair flower. perfect for women, this one is for my mom :)
This trend also inspired the all green and all gold gifts too. but instead of flowers I pilled on multiple bows and ribbons! fantastic! perfect for anyone!

Trend: feathers
SO CUTE right?? I bought feathers from CVS for like 60 cents, layed out a long piece of tape and stuck them all to it, tapped that to the box and then wrapped a wide and skinny ribbon around the bottom to hide the tape. perfect for men, this one is for my bf :)

Trend: edgy
more of an inspiration, but I wrapped the gift in gold then ripped a strip of green and wrapped it around, I bought a giant bow earlier at CVS so I used it. but if you want to be more edgy, use a zipper to tie a bow. perfect for teens or brothers, this is for my brother :)

TIP: try using different materials, instead of a ribbon I used a gold cord, or pile on multiple bows. making it a little more unusual (like feathers!) will make it stand out! another idea I saw is to put the initial of the person you are giving your gift to on simple wrapping with clean lines, use glitter letters for some sparkle

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