Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I recently purchased my first Mac eye colors. I say eye colors because I use a blush for contouring and a pencil for my brows already. I know what your thinking already "how did you not already own mac??? aren't you supposed to be good at make up??" Here's my answer: I just didn't own mac eye colors before, and that doesn't mean I'm bad at make up, I just use different products. But also because Mac is a very overwhelming and expensive store. Ive been in a store before and even a pro store but there are so many choices I get over whelmed and buy nothing. and theres that price tag, Mac is a very expensive store and I like to get more bang for my buck. Main reason I buy palettes and not many single eyeshadow colors.
But I took the plunge the other day and bought a eyeshadow color and some pigments. Now your dying to know what colors. basic ones like browns? never!!

The eyeshadow I bought was a color I've been looking for, a nice navy blue.
Deep Truth
no primer, with Too Faced Primer Insurance

The pigments I bought from Mac I got through Makeup Geek because she sells just samples for around $4. the amount of product is about maybe half a teaspoon. I swatched the three colors I got four ways: by its self, with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, white base (nyx jumbo pencil in milk), black base (nyx jumbo pencil in black bean)

Blue Brown

 Old Gold


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