Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vday take 2

Sorry about the delay. My weekend was much busier than I expected and I was beyond tired on friday night, so I just went to bed when I got home. But here is another VDay look. Yes it is after the holiday, but I know not everyone celebrates on the actual day (like me! going to dinner this coming sunday to celebrate). I was thinking about what kind of make up you would wear on Valentines day, and I figured it wouldn't necessarily be pink or red, but I always imagine a nice smoky look. But to amp that up a little bit I glued some fake rose petals to my face :)

for just the make up look:
Creep and Darkhorse from Urban Decay on outter 2/3 and Sidecar on inner 1/3
Blend out with Naked and use Virgin as highlights

I think this look would be divine with some deep red lipstick (if your not afraid of lip color)

And it's never too late to show your love to someone. I whipped up these valentine cookies just in time before my Boyfriend came over on monday (had to do something!) super delicious and oh so easy!


aaannnddd my best friend apparently took some pictures on my camera when I wasn't looking. So I'm going to show them to you :) I think she'll appreciate this

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