Friday, February 18, 2011

Simple look from Teen Vogue

I'm not sure why I receive Teen Vogue in the mail every month, actually, I get two... I never signed up for it. But oh well! It always takes about 30 min to read through those little magazines so they're nice. This month was the issue focusing on prom, as prom is comming for many high school students. However, Teen Vogue tends to take it a little too trendy and way to casual for modern day prom. I liked the ideas for a dressier occasion (like dinner), but not the most classic and fancy event of a teenagers life. That night calls for something elegant and timeless. But this year, I was pleased with the looks for prom Teen Vogue presented (a few I hated though). A good amount of the looks I could acutally see at a prom. But the thing that caught my eye was not a dress, but a models make up. Very simple yet so striking.

Products used:
Hot Topic Baked eyeshadow in Purple mixed with Tokidoki Ninja Dog (Robbery Palette)
a nude matte color to blend out edges (I used one from Tarte's Jewelry Box Palette, Matte level top row middle right)
a champagne gold color for the highlight (I used California Blonde from Sephora)
and Mascara, no eyeliner.

With all my opinions about prom you might be wondering what I wore to my prom in high school. I didn't want to be in something someone else might have, so I designed it myself! I put together two patterns and my mom helped me make it. 
Me and my date


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