Friday, November 12, 2010

continuing cupcake

So the day after halloween, I had work once again. but I was still feelin my cupcake costume. Instead of wearing it again, I just wore the little cupcake I had in my hair. I ended up making them for the rest of my girl coworkers because my boss just loved it! But I also did my make up to match, something I often don't do. I was tired of just boring make up and needed some color!

A regular today came in and was on the phone he goes "whoa dude! you should see this girls makeup! its like a rainbow!!" made my whole day! haha!

ALSO!!!!! at 20% off friends and family sale!! hello! or more like good bye to my paycheck!! Just enter "10GIFT" at the check out! It ends on the 17th at midnight. Ive had my eye on the enchanted palette for a little bit now.

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