Friday, November 12, 2010


AH! Ive been checking my front porch everyday for my Sephora package. and I settled down to watch Glee on Wednesday when the door bell rang. Let me tell you!! I ran up the stairs so fast because I knew what had come!! Oh and it was so pretty!!!
I bought the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, and I now know why it has two awards! It's fantastic! I've been wearing it instead of my foundation for a few days now. Its very light but not so sheer that I feel like I need more. It evens out my skin and even hides some imperfections (I used concealer for some of the bigger ones). I may not wear foundation ever again! Ok, thats a lie, but I love it!

AND then theres the Tokidoki Robbery palette. OMG IT IS SO PRETTY!!! I've been using the dark green/silver/black/dark turquoise palette lately, and I don't care if its a little heavy for day, its lovely!

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