Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Life

I have neglected you, dear blog. Life got very busy and I put other things before you. But I have thought about you, I think about how I've left you and it makes me sad. So I'm here again. I'm here to bring you new life.
Instead of doing just make up, I want to expand the topics on this blog to what ever flats my boat that day. I am still in love with make up, but with school, work, life, internships, friends, family; I dont have much free time on my hands! The difference between today, and the past is I have established a core circle here in San Francisco and now use my free time to spend it with people I care about. So I don't sit around my house experimenting with make up as much as I used to. And I have noticed my interests are spreading around and a big part of my life is now health. I am on a journey to be the best body I can and am in a constant state of improvement. This is what I want to talk about today.

I have always been a bit more health conscious than the average person, but I blame growing up in the bay area for that. But recently I have gone into a more passionate journey. I really pay attention to what I eat, and exercising is a big part of my life. Today Im going to talk about the tips I try my best to live by in order to feel and look my best.

1) Diets are for quitters: The word diet has come to mean something negative and it often has an end point. I don't see any purpose for this at all. Rather than go on a crash diet where you gain everything back, make lifestyle changes. The biggest one I made was to no longer eat land animals (chicken, pork, beef, turkey) and  I don't miss it after 8 years. My most current adjustment was to eat less bread and more veggies. Small changes that are permanent are much easier and often have a bigger impact. It is hard for a body to adjust to something drastic.

2) Eat recognizable foods: I recently started getting in to "clean eating". meaning that the things you are eating are ingredients that you recognize and are real. No one needs that chemical that is 20 letters long. By looking at food labels you can distinguish which product will be better for you. It is easier for your body to use the calories and nutrients in a "clean" food rather than have to sift through all sorts of chemicals.

3) Don't punish your self: Yesterday I ate dim sum for brunch, a quesadilla and chips for dinner and creme brule for dessert. Yeah, not my best food day, but you know what? I'm alive, and I didn't turn into a whale overnight. I had a bad day (hello hormones!) and that is what I felt like eating. The key is this isn't what I eat everyday. I make good choices most of the time so when I do just NEED that cookie, I eat it. Be proud of your choices because we all have bad days, but most of them are good.

4) Commit to exercise: You hear everyone saying this, but its true. It makes you feel fantastic, look good, stress relief, meditation, and detoxes your body. I found not one, but 5 activities I love to do (yoga, running, gym/nike, step, tennis) so I can pick one I want to do and get my sweat on. Also just walking helps, I dont own a car so I am forced to walk to the bus stop (half mile), but I also choose to run to my bank (2 miles) in order to make a deposit. look good, feel good.

5) Use technology!: I got my first smart phone about a year ago and OH MY GAGA has it changed my life. I work out with it (nike training club, 10k trainer), keep tabs on my calorie intake (my fitness pal), and get pumped (podcasts). This thing has made my health journey so much better. Its like having a personal trainer, nutritionist, and DJ in your arm band: and for free! (well, the apps are free, this phone was expensive)

Now that I have written my whole life on here, I'm going to go, because I actually have a final report to do for school. But I am going to try to post on here more with out the restraints of it being ONLY a make up blog.
The flood gates are opened!!!

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