Saturday, June 8, 2013

The back of your head is REDiculous!!

SO! Apparently when I get bored, my hair is the thing that I turn to. For a while I was going for the bambshell look with long layers; but I started to miss my mullet. Yes, my mullet. like a little scene kid, edgy mullet thing. So one night I go so frustrated with how boring and flat my hair was, I chopped it. SOOOOO glad I did!!
Then I have been wanting to dye my hair for a while, but being in customer service I know some places dont like unnatural hair colors. Bbuuuttttt I figured I live in SF and it is almost expected. right? RIGHT?? Thats what I was telling myself the entire time. Because a couple days after cutting my hair, I died it RED. Im basically the little mermaid now.
My boss likes it, I love it, strangers love it. Everyone is happy.

After dying my hair purple for about a year or so, and doing research on this red business, I have some tricks for you.
I used: Loreal hicolor in red with a 30 developer. I used two tubes to cover AALLLLLLL my hair, and only one application. it was perfection.

Fourth day hair. Thats my best friend, Reba. We went to see Borgore, it was magic. (three weeks after I colored my hair)

Look at that mullet-y goodness!! (fresh dye)

now for the up keep of this glorious mane: its rough.

- I mix in hair dye (I use splat, just the color, the red one) in with my conditioner. I wash my hair and put on the conditioner at the beginning of my shower so it has some time to sit and redistribute some color. yes, my hands turn pink, yes it looks like I may have murdered someone in my shower, but its just my hair.
-I also have a bottle of normal conditioner that I put through my hair once the red conditioner mix is rinsed out. I do this because my hair is LONG, therefore dry and damaged. So I get some of that moisture back in there!!
-I do hair masks when I can. Im a poor college kid, so I for sure smear mayonnaise through my hair and then put it under a shower cap for how ever long I can stand. It's gross. But it works.
-I sleep with a towel on my pillows because I go to bed with wet hair (when hair is wet, it will bleed). My covers may or may not have some red stain on it. its casual.
-I also use a Moroccan oil on my hair every day. because Im addicted.
-I only wash my hair twice a week at most. I go three to four days between washing to keep this color looking good longer. On that fourth day I gotta get REAL crafty on how to hide the grease, but a sock bun does wonders.
-dry shampoo that head mop! I personally use Oscar Blandi powder. Its expensive ($19 for a bottle). BUT SO WORTH IT. and it lasts My mom even told me a trick: when it is half way down, refill it with cornstarch = new full bottle!! My mom is brilliant.
-all of my towels and my bath mat are now colorful. So is my shower, whoops.

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