Monday, April 18, 2011

Hey There

WHERE HAVE I BEEN???? nowhere. I just haven't been in a blogging type mood/do cute make up mood. I did my make up for life and everything, just nothing special enough for me to put up on my blog, or nothing that I haven't already posted. That was until I saw Katy Perry's 'E.T.' pictures. the brown/silver look caught me most and I'd love to be able to go out in public with that kind of make up on, but even for SF, thats a little too much. So with the inspiration, heres my look! I actually love it and have been wearing it a lot recently.

Products used: (lets see if I can remember them)
lid: Sugarpill's Tiara, wet
Crease (bottom layer): Urban Decay's Naked
Crease (middle layer):  Urban Decay's Buck
Crease: Dark brown from Tarte Jewelry Box palette, matte
Highlight: either virgin from Urban Decay or a light matte color from Tarte's Jewelry Box palette.
Drag browns on to lower lid
Kat Von D liquid eyeliner
Bad Gal mascara from Benefit

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