Monday, October 11, 2010

OOoooo new!

 Hello! this is my first post here on my new blog! I created this so i have a place to share mainly things on make-up and fashion, some food in there too most likely. But i recently got really into make up and I'm trying to get better. Ill be posting daily looks as well as special occasions. My camera isnt the greatest tho, its a point and shoot. but im going to work with what i have!

this is the make up that i wore to work the other day. I love wearing purple on my eyes bc it makes them look a little more green and really helps them pop. i did a champagne on my inner half of my eye lid and a shimmery purple on the outer half. brought both those all the way up to the crease and did a gunmetal grey in my crease. finished with some more purple under my eye with the grey too, eye liner and some mascara

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