Monday, October 18, 2010

double wing and caramel apples

Sooo once again I wasn't too creative when it came to the colors I used for my make up today. But I decided to do a double wing with my eye liner. its always a nice way to make a very neutral look a little more special. tthheeennnn I lined my water line with a electric blue. its subtle, but stands out so much when the rest is pretty plain.

THEN after school today I went to my best friends house to make caramel apples!! but this was much more difficult that we anticipated.  Mainly because neither of us have cars, so we both take bus everywhere. I went to safeway to get the few supplies we need. I must had done 3 complete laps around the whole place before I gave up and went to CVS. only to come back and ask someone where I could find caramels, which, were right next to the apples I bought. I got the last bag too! Then once we started making the apples, we ran out of caramel. so I ran to the bus stop and went to a different safeway to get more. after running around the store to make sure I caught the next bus back I bought 3 more bags, just to be safe. We tried to be fancy and put chocolate on the apples too, but it looks like a little kid did it. they're delicious though! Its not as easy as it looks to make these suckers!

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