Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lets eat!

I've been making an effort to eat a little better  (see post before) and I was completely unaware that I eat just about everything. I have been going along thinking this is how everyone eats. The first time this came to my attention was when I visited a friend in Boston, we went grocery shopping together sense I was staying with her and I was grabbing what I like to buy. And she remarks "Man!! You eat everything!!!" I hope you can imagine my face was very confused. I eat asian food, I eat mexican food, I eat seafood, and euopean food, and mediteranian, and south american. I could probably eat my way around the world with no problem. I don't cook just one way either, but its less varied than my restaurant choices.
The second time it came up was with my trainer. He had me texting him what I eat (so if I didnt want to tell him, I didnt eat it. sounds weird, but worked!) and one day he shoots back "You have the most diverse diet Ive ever seen" EVER???? I doubt that. But I guess I do eat alot of things that alot of other people won't. Ah, the plus side of growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area....

But one meal that I don't think anything of, actually gets me alot of looks and awe. You know when you order a pizza or pop on in the oven and you get a little salad to go along with it? well, I plop mine right on top. Yep. Mixed greens, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar right on top of some thin crust pizza. If I have it I throw some shrimp up there too.

Next time try it, the vinegar and the cheese with the tomato and the slight crunch of the lettuce is just wonderful and a pretty well balanced meal!! way to spice up pizza night into a black tie affair :)

There's my lovely dinner right there, with a magazine to keep me company.

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